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Important Links for the Bean Rebuild

Volunteer coordination sheet - We need volunteers, lots of volunteers please sign up so we can coordinate and keep people busy.
Greenbean Wish List - We are looking for some additional items to help us get started in the new space.
Espresso and Baking Equipment Wish List - Also there's some specific items that if we don't need to buy or can get used we'd be thrilled!

Friday, July 16, 2010

We are OPEN!

It was a full day of coffee, food, smiling faces, news cameras and lots of goodness! Make sure you come by and say hi!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Baker Bob is Baking...

The refrigerators are full of groceries, the oven is on and baker Bob is in the kitchen cooking up a storm for the day we have all been waiting for, opening day in our new location! We are delighted to let you know that in just 2 days, on Friday, July 16th the Bean will be opening it's doors once again! We won't be doing a big Grand Opening bash until a little bit later (maybe the following weekend) but we do hope you'll stop by for a cup of coffee or a piece of delicious quiche. We think you'll be happy you did.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Grand Re-Opening Delayed...Again

We are excited. We cannot wait to open our space to you all, serve you a mean cup-a-joe, and sit across one of our many tables and share a conversation. Can. Not. Wait.

However, in our excitement, we have probably been a wee-bit-over-optimistic. So it is with what I hope is a healthy does of realism (but no less excitement) that we have to say...

We are NOT having the Re-Opening gala or the art auction this Friday (July 9th), and we are NOT opening this Saturday (July 10th).

We are deeply sorry to have sent out conflicting messages about our opening, and hope that you can understand we're doing all we can to open as quickly as possible.

So stay tuned...

- The Green Bean Team

Monday, June 28, 2010

the Greenwood Car Show

We had a GREAT time at the Greenwood Car show on Saturday. The new space is almost ready and looks absolutely fabulous. It is just incredible the work that has gone into transforming the space – we have had many dedicated volunteers and workers without whom none of this would have happened!

A couple of highlights from the day of the car show:

- Several dedicated and talented face-painters

- Incredible pastries thanks to Ali and Bob


- First showing of our patio furniture – woo hoo!

- A chance to talk to passersby about the Green Bean, our excitement for it, for the neighborhood and our overall vision for building community in Greenwood

- Hot, fresh-brewed samples of our coffee, thanks to Romeo’s

- did I mention a gorgeous day with tons and tons of people?

- and so many more…

Overall, it was a great day of connecting with people, giving tours of the new space and getting to tell more people about the Green Bean. We are so excited and honored to be a part of such a wonderful community.

Don’t forget – we open JULY 10th! Grand Opening reception is on July 9th, 7-8pm.

Facepainting, talking, eating galore. and check out those gorgeous flowers!

The Green Bean!

The patio in the distance...surrounded by the beautiful sight of many strollers. So
much fun to have so many kids around!

So many people!

The Final Push

We’re in the final stretch to get the Bean open in its new location! Things are starting to come together but now is a critical time to have volunteers helping. John has LOTS of small projects that will be show stoppers if they don’t get done…and then we also have a myriad of more aesthetic projects we need help on as well. So whether you have the skills to construct...or clean, are creative or not, WE NEED YOU! If you have even an hour or two you can offer between now and Jul 10 please sign up…obviously we’d love to have helpers sooner if possible.

John is requesting that people sign up on the online calendar again (it has been updated with new dates) so he knows who to expect and when. This is so he can be prepared with proper supplies on hand for the projects you’ll be doing. To sign up click the Volunteer Coordination Sheet at the top of this blog. Please just be sure there aren’t already more than 3 people planning to be there at the same time.

Some examples of projects yet to be done
- Entire interior dusted, ceiling to floors
- Entire space mopped (multiple times)
- All insulation put back in ceiling and tiles replaced
- Touchup paint on all painted surfaces
- Handicap rail installed in men’s’ restroom
- Remaining furniture painted
- Framing and buildout of storage closet in meeting room
- East wall of meeting room drywalled, taped and painted
- Multiple signs to be hand-lettered and painted (restroom signs, parking signs, hours of operation, etc)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Onward and Upward!

Hello friends!

Everyday the Green Bean becomes more and more alive!
A few updates....
  • We are no longer in the Sip & Ship. You will just have to wait a little while longer for another Cowboy Cookie or delicious latte! We are focusing on the new space and it is coming together beautifully! The Sip & Ship is still doing coffee, so go on over, extend a hand of thanks and grab a Father's Day card!
  • The floors have been trenched, plumbing is in and cement will be poured on Friday and then the coffee bar will be built. You can see those great holes in the ground next to our resident sweep-and-keep-the-construction-site-clean man Keith!

  • The counter's are being built with a wonderful new bar to sit at!

  • We have some colorful and comfortable new chairs for the outside that got tested out in our warm sun!

  • If you were in the neighborhood in the last three days you would have seen large groups of high schoolers making the exterior look quite a bit different. We could not thank the wonderful choir group of Hyde Park Baptist Church enough! A few of the things they accomplished while they were here:

Rip out all the weeds and build a barrier out of old McDonald's trash cans with their super strong muscles!

And.... PAINT THE BUILDING!!!! The last two days we said "HELLO, Greenwood! We have arrived!" It will soon be muraled, so keep your eyes peeled!

Friday, June 4, 2010


we have them!!!! permits, that is...

Now, its GO TIME!
Our goal is to be open by the Greenwood Car Show which is Saturday, June 26th. With the permits coming in later than planned, we are now doing this Extreme Home Makeover style and we NEED YOUR HELP! All hands are welcome, needed and will be utilized.
Check out our Volunteer Work Schedule, sign up and show up. You will be greeted with smiles, coffee and gloves!
Here are a few things we still need:
  • We would love to have outdoor seating for when we open. Ideally, we would like adirondak chairs and picnic tables.
We may end up purchasing these, but if you have one or know where to find one for a good price, send a picture or website link to Emily at

8533 Greenwood Ave N.  Seattle, WA 98103 / (206)706-4587 / M-F 7-8 / Sat 8-5 / Sun 10-4