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Monday, June 28, 2010

The Final Push

We’re in the final stretch to get the Bean open in its new location! Things are starting to come together but now is a critical time to have volunteers helping. John has LOTS of small projects that will be show stoppers if they don’t get done…and then we also have a myriad of more aesthetic projects we need help on as well. So whether you have the skills to construct...or clean, are creative or not, WE NEED YOU! If you have even an hour or two you can offer between now and Jul 10 please sign up…obviously we’d love to have helpers sooner if possible.

John is requesting that people sign up on the online calendar again (it has been updated with new dates) so he knows who to expect and when. This is so he can be prepared with proper supplies on hand for the projects you’ll be doing. To sign up click the Volunteer Coordination Sheet at the top of this blog. Please just be sure there aren’t already more than 3 people planning to be there at the same time.

Some examples of projects yet to be done
- Entire interior dusted, ceiling to floors
- Entire space mopped (multiple times)
- All insulation put back in ceiling and tiles replaced
- Touchup paint on all painted surfaces
- Handicap rail installed in men’s’ restroom
- Remaining furniture painted
- Framing and buildout of storage closet in meeting room
- East wall of meeting room drywalled, taped and painted
- Multiple signs to be hand-lettered and painted (restroom signs, parking signs, hours of operation, etc)


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