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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Joys of Community!

Highlights from Yesterday:
  • Steve, one of our regulars at the Bean popped into the new space and thinks he might be able to put to good use the room sized walk in cooler, the ONE piece of equipment that hasn't been taken away yet!
  • Another regular, Chris, stopped in and offered to wash all the windows when it's time
  • We're having GREAT responses in our efforts to locate artists to help paint whimsical vines on the outside of the building! Now to get in touch with them all!
  • Yet another customer overheard us talking about paint samples 2 days ago and gave us the info for a local interior designer who's coming in today to do a FREE color consult! Emily Lauderback from Space, a Greenwood interior design Collective...check her out!
  • And finally, our children's corner has it's first donation of books from Mark who's kids practically grew up in the Greenbean. Thanks Mark!

What an amazing community project!


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