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Friday, April 30, 2010

Thanks to Cindy our Architect!

If you see Cindy Black, the Beans resident architect extraordinaire give her a big hug and HUGE THANK YOU. Cindy has put in a LOT of time in the last days and weeks drafting and then refining drawings of our building plans and helping us to mesh our dreams with reality and the city of Seattle's various and sundry codes and regulations. All this hard work culminated in a meeting at 8am this morning with the city to apply for our building and health department permits...the good news is that they accepted our application...the bad news is that they told her it would be 2-3 weeks before we'd be hearing back from them. SO, that means 2-3 more weeks before we can really start building out the coffee bar area of the store.

Never fear though, our fearless manager John Eidson still has a lot of projects for helping hands to do...painting furniture and cleaning to name 2 of them...but be sure to email him at to confirm that he'll be at the site when you want to work. He's been working 6 days a week for the last several weeks and so he might be taking a few days off as we await the permits.

A couple highlights from the week:
  • We now have ALL of our equipment with the exception of our espresso machine, 1 grinder, our cooled pastry case and a toaster! Yeah! If you have time next week and would be interested in driving to Kelso to pick up a couple of these items please let Summer know by emailing
  • Our Redeemer Lutheran Church donated a 14ft long pew which is going to become lovely seating for folks with laptops
  • Ozzy scrubbed out the far back cooler which was the last untouched McDonald's holdout....the space is now 'gross-free' thanks to his hard work!
  • Nathan Marion from Fremont Abby and Blue Tree walked through the space to offer his wisdom as a consultant who's helped create similar spaces in the past...with a specific eye for how to make the Bean an appealing venue for the arts
  • Rebecca Miller, Laura Watrous and Jane Warner met to continue dreaming for our future kid's corner...and Jasmine Underland is dreaming about starting a MOPS groups...get ready families!


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